Classifieds Order Entry

Verican’s flagship product, Classifieds Order Entry (COE), is a turnkey online classified ad processing and display system. COE simplifies the ad placement process for both advertisers and newspaper staff.


  • Helps increase number of online and print ads received
  • Makes upsells easy and appealing, to maximize revenue per ad
  • Reduces operations costs
  • Enables your brand to continue to build your online community


  • Shopping cart function allows multiple ads and subscriptions to be placed in a single order
  • Upsell into print subscription
  • 24-hour/Monday-Friday live online support to ensure no ad is lost
  • Multiple photo uploads
  • Can integrate with any front-end system
  • Quick and easy to implement, with no hardware or software installation needed
  • Set-up can be completed in five days with minimal staff administration time required
  • Data is fully hosted from our secure datacenter facilities

Classifieds Network/Hosting

Verican’s Network Classifieds is an online network service and display system that enables links your newspaper with other local and regional newspapers in order to share classified content.

Created in cooperation with the California Newspaper Publishers Association and expanded into Arizona with support from the Arizona Newspaper Association, Network Classifieds enables newspapers to compete with the giant newspaper and online networks. The Network provides significant value to your readers and advertisers, which translates directly to your bottom line.


  • Increases your number of advertisers, attracting more traffic and reader loyalty
  • Enhances ad value without diluting the newspaper brand
  • Keeps local consumers in the community, taking back traffic from competing national portals like Google, Monster, or


  • 24/7 availability and ease of use increases number of new customers
  • Easy to join — no contracts, upfront fees, software, or hardware purchases are required to join the Verican Network Classifieds
  • Your newspaper is a portal to a large database of regional and national ads