Company Overview

Verican’s world-class Internet products help newspapers leverage the Internet to better serve local readers and advertisers.

Verican’s Internet solutions are specifically designed to complement a newspaper’s print and website products, thus enabling them to provide a one-stop advertising solution for local businesses. This integrated print and Internet solution can create significant profits and help protect newspapers from losing market share to the Internet giants while enabling them to take market share from competitors (yellow pages, radio, television, direct mail, etc.).

Since 2001 Verican has been providing Internet products to newspapers, and now has more than 100 customers in 5 countries.

The newspaper industry is not terminal, it is merely going through a midlife crisis. Verican wants to help your newspaper through this current period, and position you to grow. We are your partner on the Internet.

Management Team

Eric (Buskirk) Erickson
CEO and Founder

Eric has worked in technology since 1990. He has worked on financial and management systems for companies such as Motorola, Intel, American Express, Chase Manhattan Bank, Gillette, 3Com, and ADC Telecommunications in Phoenix, New York, Minneapolis, the San Francisco Bay Area and Beijing. He has a B.S. in Finance from the University of Arizona and an M.B.A. from Northern Arizona University.